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11 November 2010 @ 04:52 pm
 OP is tmr. 

i'm really nervous. 

uh, because my script is in a mess? Also, Mac Keynote is stalling on my group :( 

:crosses finger: 
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1. Youtube, Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter and various other useful little websites which would normally be highly distracting interesting no longer feature as the web addresses with top hits in your computer history.

2.  The pile of homework assigned to you has not budged an inch, but lies neglected collecting dust and various other motley insects/ unidentified static objects. In fact, I think I just saw something skitter behind my GP notes.

3. You have read everything on your bookshelf that is not objective, intellectual or nurturing in any way. (i.e. cue chick lit, manga, yes, even Twilight, and when I was getting desperate, anything with zombies in them)

4. You've listened to almost every song on your iTouch at least thirty times and counting.

5. Tap Tap Revenge evokes a 'Zzzzz' and 'This is bloody boring and lame to f-ing boot' from you.

6. Merlin makes you stone instead of drool over Arthur Pendragon aka Bradley James. And start counting down to when Uther kicks off his 'magic is so totally evil' - Jong-Il - esque rant, instead of cooing over Colin Morgan.

7. Arashi peters out into a chilly grey drizzle, making you wonder what on earth you saw in Matsujun and Aiba.

8. GSS is a pain in the arse.

9. Life seems to suck at every turn.

10. Hamlet makes you more depressed than ever.

And you also know that you're in trouble when...


Have mercy on me. The only thing I can look forward to is receiving all the Arashi merchandise I broke my bank on... sometime in September. Why, oh why, do I not live in Japan?

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03 May 2010 @ 09:04 pm

Seeing as the last few posts have been about emo-ing and stuff and ranting... here's something else for a change. I hope.

Read More....Collapse )

o.0 I have no idea where this comes from LOL.



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25 April 2010 @ 11:31 pm
just want to say sorry for all the ranting and the emo-ness. :/ but i HAD to get this out, if not i'd go insane. 

You know, this is a total joke. Once upon a time, I used to wish you knew that I liked you. Now I don't know if you know or not. It's so hard to read you, do you realise? You're always blank. Apathetic. Deadpan. I didn't have any idea what you were thinking. But now I think I do. 

I don't blame you for acting like this. Heck, if I were you, I'd probably have done the same too. 

And you, you're not as great as you think you are. So don't. Do that, because still waters run deep. 

Not saying that we're not ever going to be friends again or anything, but the next time we meet, things might get ugly. 

and worst of all, I still can't quite get myself to let go. 

i am such an idiot. 

but so are you.

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08 April 2010 @ 10:20 pm

Just got my PW group today, ahaha. And it looks like getting an A for PW is going to be damn bloody hard is going to be an uphill task. I'll need all the luck and the tolerance I can then. But whatever it takes I'm gonna see it through right through the bitter end.

And I've decided - I'm going to stop emo-ing and throwing pity parties for myself. I'm not going to care about that boy, not going or worry about how I appear to him. if he likes me, good, if not, well, then that's just too bad but I've got to move on and stop looking back. My commitment to everything else is going downhill, and that's one thing that definitely can't happen, not when I've got a contract with MOE.

Guys, I'm sorry about making you come after me to realise what I've been doing - but I get it now. Thanks for the wake-up call. I really needed it. :)

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20 December 2009 @ 12:09 am
Uprooting is a huge pain in the arse. All I can think of now is "Oh, @#%&, my feet HURT" and "Shit, I'm so damn tired." I never actually knew there were so many things in my old house, nor that my new house is so hard to clean. And to think I was so thrilled when my dad told me that he'd bought a new place. 

Irony, huh? 

Even though it's the holidays and exams are officially over, I've been sleeping much less than 8 hours a day, much less than what I rested before O's. And my eyebags are growing. Exponentially, as are the piles of boxes I have yet to unpack. 
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03 December 2009 @ 08:10 pm
I should totally learn not to fangirl over strange guys on the Internet. Especially not computer generated guys. And especially not when my SAT is around the corner.

BUT I JUST CAN'T HELP IT arghh. If I die on Saturday, at least I die having fangirled over the newest addition to my harem.

This is probably due to the copious amounts of coffee I drank just now. Mmm, Starbucks. And I'm probably going to regret everything in a bit, but there's still a while to go yet.

Awesome picture of Nero I found on devart by Ezakaros. And boy, is the villain gorgeous. *faints*

Every time I look at my lj icon I smile. This, I presume, is where sanity ends and lunacy begins.

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Sunday and Monday was utterly horrible. I don't want to talk about it and I'm utterly disappointed with Arsenal and the papers. In my opinion, the editorial department is too full of Man Utd fans, Chelsea fans, Liverpool fans, Spurs fans, idiots and sadistic jokers who just LOVE kicking whoever's down. Fucking losers.

youtube is a horrible, horrible thing. I can waste about 5 to 6 hours just clicking on video links and the like. It's nothing new, but the human mind is a fickle thing and forgets easily.Earlier this year I was dementedly cursing the Internet, the wireless modem, the computer, my ipod and various websites for distracting me from my studies and exam prep. Sadly, I seem to have forgotten the harsh consequences of slacking too much and studying too little - I spend, on average, several hours on the computer each day now the holidays are here and almost no time at all hitting the books. This would be all very fine except for one small thing : my SAT is on Saturday. Yes, THIS COMING SATURDAY. AND ALL I HAVE DONE IS 2 1/2 PRACTICE PAPERS, AND NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY TIMED. Strangely enough, I don't feel any panic, even though it's less than 1/2 a week to the exam, and I have yet to factor in cleaning up my study debris, going over to my grandparents' house to keep them company, exercising and drum practice. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEH?????
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27 November 2009 @ 11:42 pm
I admit it's a bit too early to be freaking out now over Sunday's big clash against Chelsea, but I can't help but feel anxious all the same even though it's only Friday. Van Persie's out, Bendtner's out, Clichy's out, and Gibbs is a definite no-no given his broken metatarsal. Both Gallas and Arshavin are doubtful for Sunday, which is another great blow.

As for Chelski? Lampard looks set to be coming back and our favourite Ivorian looks to be in fine form.

Arsenal can't lose this match. But as die-hard as I am, and as optimistic as I usually try to be, I really don't see how we can come up flying on Sunday. It's up to Wenger and the lads now - Arshavin, we need your 4 goals in one match magic. And for God's sake, I hope we win.
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